Spazio Officina


This exhibition, which forms part of the strand of the genius  loci,  grew out of the exhibition initiative Le Stanze dell’Arte, conceived by the management of the m.a.x. museo and promoted in the Spazio Officina in 2020. The project takes its name from the concept of the “art room” or “artist’s room”, understood as a physical space but also a conceptual space of inwardness and creativity. The idea is to give various young artists the opportunity to express themselves across a range of techniques from graphic design to painting, photography, sculpture and artistic video. They will be given a space to present their creations, in a particularly complex moment for the world of culture and much else due to the pandemic, and above all the exhibition will showcase the talents present in the region.

In formal terms, the exhibition project is intended for young artists chosen in a competition promoted by the m.a.x. museo,  the Municipality of Chiasso and the Rotary Club Mendrisiotto. The artists were born between 1982 and 2002 and are domiciled in the Canton of Ticino or Canton of Graubünden and enrolled in higher institutes with artistic tracks, or in possession of a educational diploma in the field of art.

The theme of the competition, chosen by the Centro Culturale Chiasso for the 2021-2022 artistic and exhibition season, is “creative genesis”, to be understood and interpreted as each artist  wishes.


Curated by Antonio d’Avossa and Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini