Spazio Officina

Inauguration of the installation, exhibition and presentation of the catalogue raisonné of Sandro Martini’s work: Wednesday 6 June 2018, 19.00

Installation and exhibition: by Sandro Martini and Luigi Sansone

Catalogue raisonné: edited by Luigi Sansone


The installation installed in the Spazio Officina, pays tribute to the visionary aspect of Sandro Martini (Livorno, 1941), an internationally renowned artist who has expressed himself through the years with a wide range of techniques: from traditional oil painting to sculpture, graphics, artist’s books and performances, conceptually relating to the signs of his spatial graphics, always devised with strong colours.


The installation is accompanied by the exhibition of a number of engravings in various media and matrices with the related etchings, donated by the artist and added to the collection of the m.a.x. museo in Chiasso.


Martini’s achievement is rich in allisions and reflections focused on the visionary aspect of art, which takes on a three-dimensional spatiality.


On the occasion of the inauguration of the installation and the exhibition, the catalogue raisonné of Martini’s work will be presented, edited by Luigi Sansone (Postmedia, Milan, 2017).