Spazio Officina



The building was completely redeveloped in 2005 by the architects Pia Durisch and Aldo Nolli on the principles of industrial archaeology. They retrieved an extremely interesting space, mainly used for cultural and artistic activities promoted by the Centro Culturale Chiasso.


The name “Spazio Officina” recalls the original factory building used for many years as a workshop for car repairs. It is primarily intended to evoke a place for developing cultural experiences that recapture the etymological significance of the term officina (“workshop”) which comes from the combination of the word opifex (artisan) and facere (make). The term is capable of merging into a single concept antinomies often considered irreconcilable, such as ideation and production, creation and innovation, expressions that can be attributed to the artistic experiences of a contemporary work in progress. The Spazio Officina is suitable for hosting exhibitions and events that frequently involve young talents in the various artistic disciplines.


The Spazio Officina has an open plan with 800 sqm of floor space and 450 chairs, 20 tables, 20 movable display panels, central heating, a kitchen, washrooms, a wardrobe, an electric panel and an alarm system. Depending on its logistical availability and the calendar of events prepared by the Centro Culturale Chiasso, it can be rented for holding events promoted by institutions and public and private bodies (for-profit and non-profit) in the Mendrisiotto region and other organizations in Switzerland and across the border, provided they have a clear cultural and/or social profile.
The Spazio Officina is a spacious venue suitable for lectures, conferences, gala evenings, corporate assemblies and exclusive events as well as performances of theatre, music, dance and festivals.
The exhibitions are promoted by the Cultural Office and it is not possible to hire the space for exhibitions.


The Spazio Officina is located in a border area that can be considered the centre of the Insubrica region. Its location is at the heart of a catchment area which comprises Italian Switzerland and also northern Lombardy (from Como to Milan). The Spazio Officina is located next to the m.a.x. museo, opposite the Teatro Cinema, just a short walk from Corso San Gottardo, Chiasso’s high street, and from the square with the Town Hall.

It is also easily reached from the motorway (exit Chiasso Sud) and the railway station, and is served by the Mendrisio bus network and cross-border buses.