Spazio Officina


The exhibition stemmed from the initiative The Rooms of Art, conceived by the director of the m.a.x. museo and promoted in the Spazio Officina starting from 2020, later in an expanded version in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of the Canton Ticino. The project takes its name from the concept of “art room” or “artist’s room”, understood as a physical but also conceptual space, of interiority and creativity. The goal is to offer young artists a space to present their creations, enhancing above all the talents present in the area.

In formal terms, the exhibition project stems from a competition promoted by the m.a.x. museo, the Municipality of Chiasso and the Rotary Club, for young artists born between 1983 and 2003, domiciled in the Canton of Ticino or Canton of Graubünden and in possession of a school diploma in the artistic field.

The theme of the competition is the one chosen by the Chiasso Cultural Centre for the artistic and exhibition season of 2022-2023, namely “oblivion”, interpreted and understood as each artist wishes and with the possibility of expressing themselves in the most varied techniques, from graphics to painting, from photography to sculpture, video-art and installation, just to name a few.

The announcement of the competition will be published on the website of the m.a.x. museo. They will be able to participate in the exhibition and who will pass the selection, made on the basis of the evaluations of a jury of historians and art critics and personalities from the world of culture. Among the participants, three artists will also be awarded prizes and their works will become part of the art collection of the m.a.x. museo.

At the end of the exhibition, at the Spazio Officina, part of the exhibition, based on the choice made by the Rotary Clubs, will be presented at other prestigious venues in Canton Ticino, such as galleries and private exhibition spaces. The added value of this synergy consists in offering young people the opportunity to come into direct contact with the art market and exhibiting in venues where their works can be purchased by collectors.