Spazio Officina


The exhibition, held at the Spazio Officina, aims to present and display to the public a selection of the works donated to the m.a.x. museo of Chiasso by artists and philanthropists from the worlds of art and culture, thanks to the synergy with the association of friends of the m.a.x. museo AAMM.

The exhibition unfolds from the twentieth century to the new millennium and the recent present, proposing a selection of works that prompt reflection on the path of creativity “in the entwining between memory and oblivion”: from Surrealist painting to Metaphysics, from Concrete Art to Informal Art, from analytical painting to conceptual expression, from Minimalism to the Transavanguardia. The authors of the proposed selection are leading figures in the culture of the twentieth century and the new millennium. The exhibition is rich in evocations and stimuli towards contemporaneity. Notable exhibits include those by:

Pierre Alechinsky, Attilio Alfieri, Enrico Baj, Carlo Bertè, Serge Brignoni, Sandro Chia, Mario Comensoli, Enzo Cucchi, Enrico Della Torre, Piero Dorazio, Gillo Dorfles, Max Ernst, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Giacometti, Franco Grignani, Giovanni Korompay, Teresa Leiser Giupponi, Richard Paul Lohse, Sandro Martini, Eliseo Mattiacci, Hans Richter, Luciano Rigolini, Salvatore Scarpitta, Angelo Savelli, Federico Seneca, Daniel Spoerri, Mark Tobey, Gianfilippo Usellini, Italo Valenti, Walter Valentini.

curated by Luigi Sansone, Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini