Spazio Officina


On the theme “Humanistic Culture and Innovation”, this event represents a cultural-artistic bridge between Chiasso and San Francisco, where the performance-spectacle was staged as a premiere in the United States in November 2018 at the invitation of the “International Society for Art, Science and Technology: Leonardo/ISAST”, while it would be staged at Chiasso on 11 May 2019 at the Chiasso Cultural Centre at the Spazio Officina. The author-director of the event, Anna Bacchia, was among the winners of the Luxembourg World Prize for Peace 2017 for the themes of her research in the human sciences, from whichthe performance-spectacle arose. In the event, the theme of “giving Voce” emerged as an exciting innovation that sets itself “beyond synaesthesia”. The “r-evolution” expressed by the unexplored intuitive voice of the human being is staged as a key that introduces the public into the most advanced front of science, an unimaginable comprehension, an exciting new thinking and becoming interpreters of an illuminating humanism. The audience is able to experience this by witnessing moving stories and dialogues between scientists, artists and people like ourselves, to whom Anna Bacchia gives a voice, while the climates and events that are created on stage are woven into the creative vocal improvisations of Enrica Bacchia.

The uniqueness of this production is also expressed through an unusual ana-logical (beyond logic) dialogue, simple and engaging, which opens up to us as a surprising expansion of our intuition, grasp and imagination. Between hearing and unheard. In a journey between Science and Humanity, between surprises and intuitions, the viewers discover exciting answers to the challenges and opportunities of contemporary life, starting from a renewed awareness of themselves and the unexplored extraordinary intuitive and creative qualities of humanity as the protagonist of a new co-creation and co-inhabiting of the Earth.