m.a.x. museo

The main themes of research in the field and historical-cultural and artistic studies developed by the m.a.x. museo comprise:

  • studies of Max Huber’s graphic artwork
  • connections between Max Huber’s graphic, pictorial, photographic and sculptural works and those of his contemporaries
  • monographic study of outstanding artistic figures who have worked as graphic artists or designers, or more generally painters and architects who have particularly influenced the culture of the twentieth century while also doing pioneering work in graphics
  • the analysis of a master of historical graphic design reviewed through the twentieth-century eye and contemporary culture
  • the creative and innovative relations embodied in the work of graphic designers or artists in the fields of visual communication and advertising
  • studies of visual communications in photography (advertising photography, photography as reportage and art photography)
  • innovative visual communication systems
  • the cataloguing of artworks in the fields of contemporary graphics, historical graphics and photography.