m.a.x. museo

Research and development are the driving force of museum activities, acting as an organic instrument interconnecting with the general system. Specifically, they entail:


  1. research into graphic art, design and visual communication, with a particular interest in defining multidisciplinary operating models. This level includes relations with the external contributors and the secretarial office of the museum’s scholarly;
  2. seminars, workshops, including periodic activities conducted in collaboration with universities and advanced cultural institutes. These activities are particularly geared towards carrying out annual and muti-year programmes on topics related to the m.a.x. museo’s various activities. This level includes the coordination and administrative verification of internships and placements of university and para-university students;
  3. educational activities for all school and non-school target groups, including project management of workshops for adults and children with outside staff;
  4. communication of the results of research and development in the various media (work materials, print publications, multimedia publications). This level includes  relations with publishers for the series of catalogues published at the expense of third parties, and editorial curatorship of internal publications.


Areas of research and collaboration between museums or affiliated institutions can be linked through collaborative agreements, which generally entail the drafting of:


  • memoranda of understanding
  • framework agreements


Research as a rule entails, also on the level of budgeting,  the results being disseminated in the most appropriate places and ways: work materials (traditional and online), print publications, catalogues, and multimedia publications. The results of the research, also in progress.