m.a.x. museo

The m.a.x. museo offers Swiss and foreign students regularly enrolled in Bachelor’s courses or in the SuPSI-Professional College of Italian Switzerland, Master’s degree, PhD or post-doc courses, subject to availability, the opportunities for internships, work experience or placements, with the aim of producing theses or other publications in fields related to their activities (see Institutional Purposes”).

Students interested in this opportunity are requested to submit their application in writing together with a curriculum vitae in European format (with photograph) to the administration of the m.a.x. museo, indicating their field of interest and the objectives of the training project or research project.

At the end of the internship, the m.a.x. museo will issue a certificate attesting the fulfilment of the training period, number of hours and the topics dealt with.

Internships are not remunerated.

It should be noted that, after coming to an agreement with the scholarly staff of the m.a.x. museo on the object and methods of research and the archival material on which to apply the research, the actual start of the internship or placement may require lengthy administrative procedures (recognition of the educational project by universities with ECTS credits, final approval by the municipal institution, insurance cover, etc.). Therefore those interested are invited to submit an application well in advance of the intended start date for the internship or placement.


Subjects of internships

The subject of the internship or placement is freely proposed by the student or internal supervisor.

Topics that are of current relevance to the work of the m.a.x. museo include:

  • the scientific cataloguing of art collections, graphic designs, posters and photography
  • the history of collections of graphic art and posters

Gain work experience at the m.a.x. museo!

Are you a student interested in gaining work experience at the m.a.x. museo during the summer? Get new behind-the-scenes experience working on future exhibitions.

Contact us: send an e-mail to info@maxmuseo.ch headed “Summer work experience” or call us on 0041 91 695 08 88.

We look forward to hearing from you!