m.a.x. museo

The general activities depend on the existence of the m.a.x. museo, its heritage, as well as the goals, principles and standards it possesses. These are activities that, in part, also have a reason for their existence apart from the development, communication and exhibition policies the Museum chooses to adopt.

Specifically, they are:


  1. the general administrative functioning and organization of the work, including secretarial activities, financial planning, accounting, updating of operating standards and methods of quality control, maintenance of the premises, reception of the public, custody and surveillance of the museum’s patrimony;
  2. preservation of the museum’s patrimony of art, which includes management of the deposits, exhibition halls, technical and logistic activities, design, installation and maintenance of exhibitions, including temporary exhibitions. All the activities related to preventive conservation and so-called museum technology are also part of this field;
  3. administration of the art collections and material culture and their study and valorisation, including the updating of the computer catalogue of works. All activities aimed at increasing the museum’s holdings, including relations with donors;
  4. documentation work that includes the conservation and management of the Archive, which comprises graphic, artistic, iconographic and photographic materials and the Library devoted to the sector. This work comprises the valorisation and development of the bibliographic and documentary holdings;
  5. services to third parties (other museums or foundations) and public consultancy (external activities) performed on commission and entered in the accounts;
  6. communication, ranging from traditional communication (newsletters, press releases) to innovative and intermodal communication (Facebook, Twitter) and the videos (YouTube and video platforms).