m.a.x. museo



The association of friends of the m.a.x. museo (AAMM) supports the m.a.x. museo, contributing to its growth and development. It works to increase the museum’s permanent collection and specialised library of graphics, visual design and communication, supporting its research and educational and training activities.

The association therefore welcomes all enthusiasts and admirers of graphic art, in the broadest sense of the term, and those who wish to participate in fostering it, while benefiting from the many initiatives that the m.a.x. museo presents.



Becoming a member offers the advantage of actively benefiting by the numerous initiatives presented by the museum: exhibitions, lectures, debates, conferences, performances, workshops, guided tours, cultural field trips and special programmes developed for specific exhibitions or anniversaries. The benefits include:

  • receiving the museum’s annual exhibition programme by mail
  • free admission to all exhibitions
  • free guided tours by appointment (minimum 20 participants)
  • free participation in educational activities for members’ children (under 18)
  • 20% discount on the museum’s exhibition catalogues
  • discounts on cultural field trips organised by the museum (including abroad)
  • facilitations for the purchase of the graphic portfolios produced by the museum
  • discounts at affiliated places, businesses, shops


Founding members

The association is promoted and supported by the Mayor of Chiasso Bruno Arrigoni, the Officer for Cultural Activities Davide Dosi and Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini, Director of the m.a.x. museo and the Spazio Officina of the Centro Culturale Chiasso.

Sandro Stadler
lawyer and notary with office in Chiasso
president of the Swiss notaries
President aamm


Luigi Sansone
art critic, Milan
Member of the Scholarly Committee of the m.a.x. museo
vice-president aamm


Marzio Grassi
treasurer aamm


Aymone Poletti
architect, curator and gallerist
minute-taker aamm


Simone Cornaro


collector of contemporary art


Michele Amadò
professor SUPSI, Mendrisio


Milly Brunelli Pozzi
vice-president Associazione Chiave di Volta, Como


Corrado Noseda
Director AGE SA, Chiasso


Tiziana Grignola
joint owner Progetto Stampa SA, Chiasso


ex member:

Laura Massa
graphic artist and SUPSI teacher




All natural and legal persons irrespective of place of residence or nationality may join the association, becoming members,.

There are different membership cards for:

Carta Giovani personal card for young people (18-26 years)
Carta AVS personal card (pensioners)
Carta Base, personal card, valid only for the applicant
Carta Plus Guest valid for the applicant and one guest
Carta Extra Plus valid for the applicant and three adult family members
Carta aziendale Base business card for up to 10 employees
Carta aziendale Plus business card for up to 20 employees
Carta aziendale Extra business card for up to 30 employees
Carta aziendale Speciale business card for up to 35 employees


Membership fees

Carta Giovani: CHF 20.–
Carta AVS: CHF 20.–
Carta Base: CHF 50.–
Carta Plus Guest: CHF 80.–
Carta Plus Extra: CHF 150.–
Carta aziendale Base: CHF 300.–
Carta aziendale Plus: CHF 500.–
Carta aziendale Extra: CHF 700.–
Carta aziendale Speciale: CHF 1’000.–


Municipal friends

Municipalities can also become friends of the m.a.x. museo, by making available to their citizens a card giving them free access to the m.a.x. museo, to be collected at the council chambers and presented at the entrance to the museum.

The card allows free entry for individuals or groups of up to 20 people resident in the municipality concerned.

Once the exhibition has been visited, the card must be returned to the council chambers, where it can be used by other interested residents.

The annual fee for the municipalities concerned is CHF 500.-


How to join

You can join online (Become our friend)  or request the membership card and bulletin from the secretary of the m.a.x. museo.

Payment of the membership fee, as well as fees for the museum’s various initiatives, should be made out to:

associazione amici del m.a.x. museo
Via Dante Alighieri 6
6830 Chiasso

CH20 0900 0000 6514 3471 4

Conto corrente postale: 65 – 143471 – 4 



Renewals will be made automatically if the annual fee is paid.
A letter with the pay-in slip will remind members to renew their membership.



Cancellations can be submitted at any time of the year by letter to the m.a.x. museo.
In case of cancellation no instalments already paid will be reimbursed.


Gift membership

The art of being a friend: give admissions or membership cards of the association of friends of the m.a.x. museo!