m.a.x. museo

Children today are digital natives and have a very dynamic and interactive relationship with technology. It is widely seen as providing amusing and instructive ways of learning about art while stimulating creativity. For this reason, the m.a.x. museo has decided to offer virtual workshops in addition to traditional educational workshops held in the museum. They can be carried out by the children independently at home by using an educational worksheet transmitted through the social media, increasingly used by cultural institutions.

With the initiative #tiaccendounidea the cultural mediators (one of whom holds a certificate from the Specialist Training course issued by the Bruno Munari Association) are proposing manual work inspired by the current or upcoming exhibitions.

It’s easy to take part:

  • the children taking part first download the worksheet from this location in the form of a document (in PDF format) where all the necessary instructions, materials or working methods are explained together with practical images;      
  • then they print the worksheet (designed in the classic A4 sheet format) and carry out the activities.      

To make this experience interactive, the children can publish their completed works on Instagram (they can do it themselves, tagging the museum and following the instructions given on the sheet) or better still send us e-mail  pictures taken of the work at events maxmuseo.ch with their first name, surname, age and town of residence and stating that their parents’ give their consent to publish the  image. It is our intention to create a publication on the virtual workshops in the course of the year following each of the exhibitions in question.


We look forward to receiving many of your worksheets!