m.a.x. museo



Together with the m.a.x. museo

If you want to meet your friends or colleagues and entertain them in a pleasant, artistic ambiance, you can book a guided tour of the exhibition and then close the evening with a happy hour (organised with the m.a.x. museo’s contracted catering service).

You can also visit us when the museum is closed (from 6 pm to 7 pm or from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm or on Mondays, the m.a.x. museo’s closing day). Here you can celebrate an anniversary or a special moment to remember. The initiative is an opportunity for a special gathering and certainly a wonderful occasion  for cultural associations, professional firms and corporations, for example to enjoy a festive gathering and exchange season’s greetings with colleagues before the Christmas break.

Information and bookings: eventi@maxmuseo.ch

Duration of the visit: one hour.

Cost of the visit: CHF 5.- per participant, for a group of a minimum of 15 people (or at least for a minimum sum of CHF 75.-).

Cost of catering service: to be agreed to suit your needs and paid for separately.


Celebrate your birthday with us

Children love celebrating a birthday with their friends. It can be even more fun to invite them to the museum for an unusual party and discover the art world together.

One of our teachers will entertain the children (in a group of 10-15) for two hours, encouraging them to create a drawing or other small artwork. Each will take home a special memento of the occasion.

The birthday boy or girl can bring a cake to the museum to share with the guests. Also remember to bring everything needed for the festivities: drinks, sweets, food and a tablecloth.

We will prepare the invitations to be handed out to guests inviting them to the m.a.x. museo.

Happy birthday!

Info and bookings: eventi@maxmuseo.ch

Cost of the educational workshop: CHF 10.- per child (payable at booking).