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Discover artists and artworks together at the m.a.x. museo? Certainly, on one of the many educational workshops for children and teens – and remember adults (grandparents, uncles, cousins, and even family friends) can also join in. Enjoy the pleasure of communicating through images, drawing inspiration from the current exhibitions and masterpieces of art history, with a particular interest in the techniques artists use in exploring the endless potential of art through free interpretation, elaboration and personalisation.


All the activities develop around three phases that can be traced back to three basic questions:

  • What?
    Understand and use techniques and rules derived from the topics presented
  • How?
    Explore the rules and techniques presented visually (by making) and not verbally
  • With what?
    Reproduce in your own way whatever you see in the exhibition.


The workshops are held by cultural mediators (one of whom is certified by the Specialist Training Course issued by the Bruno Munari Association) and held at the m.a.x. museo. They last about two hours.

Each workshop ends with an active guided tour, in which the participants compare the artistic expression created and the current show and can feel they are playing an active part in thinking creatively.

Teaching material is provided by the museum. Depending on the subjects dealt with, children and teens can use their imagination by working with coloured paper, pasteboard, papier-mâché, glue, scissors, pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, acrylic paints, coloured inks, Indian ink, plasticine, linoleum and copperplates for engraving and presses.


The method adopted is based on action as an instrument of knowledge. Knowing through doing is the underlying principle of the activities devised for art teaching by Bruno Munari (1907-98) in the seventies. This will give children the confidence to express themselves freely without the interference of adults, becoming independent and learning how to solve problems on their own.


In the teaching of the art workshops, children discover the different qualities of materials, the nature of the implements, the techniques and the rules of the games. The teaching principle again comes from Munari: “Do not say what to do, but how to do it.”

The Munari method seeks to develop the creative (active or dormant) abilities in every child and to discover art and artists (and therefore also the museum), not dogmatically but as a possible creative progress bound up with their own life experiences. The methodology in particular seeks to develop every child’s potential creativity.



An experience with your classmates and teachers to get closer to artwork and confront a dynamic museum? The m.a.x. museo’s workshops offer activities where you make discoveries together, have fun and express your creative flair.

For organizational reasons, school heads and/or teachers are asked to book the workshops 7 days in advance. By appointment, it is also possible to visit the exhibitions out of opening hours.

For info and bookings: eventi@maxmuseo.ch


Children and teens

The m.a.x. museo organises workshops for younger children and teens, who will produce their own artworks before visiting the current exhibition with the cultural mediators. For each show, three different activities are suggested, as a way of getting closer to the world of creativity and the languages ​​of graphic design and art.

Adults (not just the children’s relatives) can also join in the workshops.

Info and bookings: eventi@maxmuseo.ch

Cost of the teaching workshop: CHF 10.- (child/teen) and CHF 15.- (adults).


For each exhibition, the m.a.x. museo organises educational workshops for school children and interested children/adults to introduce them to the works on display in a playful way.

Bookings: eventi@maxmuseo.ch

Cost of the teaching workshop: CHF 10.- (child/boy) and CHF 15.- (adults).