Centro Culturale Chiasso

FLUXUS. Una rivoluzione creativa: 1962-2012 / A Creative Revolution: 1962-2012

edited by Antonio D'Avossa, Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini (with Antonio D'Avossa, Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini, Eric Andersen, Henry Martin, Hannah Higgins, Enrico Pedrini, Jacob Proctor, Petra Stegmann, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Larry Miller, Henry Martin, Arturo Schwarz, Bernard Blistene, Rosanna Chiessi, Gino Di Maggio)

Skira, Milano, 2012

bilingual Italian-English

24 x 24 cm, pp. 368

ISBN 9788857215563

CHF 59.- / Euro 49

The volume “Fluxus. A creative revolution: 1962-2012” celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the neo-Dadaist movement in the early sixties, which developed together with and often in opposition to Pop Art, Minimalism in the United States and Nouveau Réalisme in Europe, deeply influencing art and communication. In particular, it explores Fluxus’s research into graphic art, a sector on which it laid great stress, producing studies and works that form the basis of contemporary visual communication.